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100 for Healing

100 for Healing

Have you ever wondered how a beautiful flower gets to the point of spreading its glamour to the world? It starts with a seed. Usually anything big, whether a large corporation employing thousands, or an organization impacting lives world-wide, starts from something small.

Pearl of Grace Ranch has come through many ups and downs of a Renovation Project, turning an old, run-down school into a homey atmosphere for young teen girls, facing difficulties in life, to come and experience the healing power of Christ’s love. There have been an amazing amount of people that have donated toward and volunteered for this project, bringing it to the successful point it is at today. We are so grateful for each sacrifice that has been made to get here!

We are now coming to the opening part of this journey, of which we are all so excited! Pearl of Grace Ranch is projecting to open its doors, Lord willing, by August 31. To get licensing, we have to have start-up (seed) money to take care of the expenses for the first few months. The amount of this seed money is $75,000.

100 for Healing is a campaign we are launching to allow you to be a part and plant a seed for Pearl of Grace Ranch in your community. The plan of this campaign is to encourage small businesses, churches, Sunday school groups, families and individuals to be creative and be a part. We would like to see one hundred fundraisers launched in the next one hundred days. Be innovative! If you are interested in hosting a fundraiser, we will advertise for you on our social media pages and website, send you some of our 100 for Healing buttons to wear at your fundraiser as well as brochures and other materials to help you spread the word in YOUR community about the vision of bringing healing to teen girls in hard places.

100 for Healing will run from June 15 – September 23

If you are interested in being a part and planting your seed to help Pearl of Grace Ranch reach the needed “seed” money, please contact us today!

Lenée Sorrell