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Year-End Update

My heart broke, as I watched her struggle; she was losing control of the emotions raging inside, but she wasn’t alone. Her mentors were close by, never leaving her side, working through the plethora of emotions, determined to help her through to the other side. Her desire to deal with the deep issues inside that trigger these emotions, is why she signed her name on the application to be a part of the program at Pearl of Grace Ranch. It wasn’t easy to submit to the fact that she had to move more than a 1,000 miles away from home to be a part of the program, yet there was a craving, something deep inside, that overpowered the hatred for herself and those around her. She ached for hope, healing and a new way of living.

Pearl of Grace Ranch is now operational, two girls presently a part of the program with more girls going through the application process. Over the past two years, numerous businesses, volunteers and individual donors have assisted in renovating the old school facility into a comfortable, home environment. Of the $550,000 cost of the renovation project, all but $195,000 was donated through in-kind donations, with hundreds of area and national businesses and individual volunteers giving time and resources. On more than one occasion, our hearts were overwhelmed with the dedication and support as people poured love into the home. Someone exclaimed during our Open House tours in September, “There are touches of love everywhere!”

The team at Pearl of Grace Ranch believes with all of our hearts that it is the simple good news of the gospel that changes lives; the news that Christ came as a baby in a manger and later died on the cross so that each one can experience true love, the love that gives. We have tasted and seen that this love is REAL for both ourselves and many others, and have full confidence that God has called and equipped His staff at Pearl of Grace Ranch to carry that good news into the hearts of the struggling teen girls He sends.
2018 was a year filled with many miracles. There were times when funds were low and the post office box would have just the needed donations to pay the current bills. God provided people and resources time and time again at the perfect time and place. As we approached the day of opening our doors to the first girl, there was some paperwork that hadn’t come in that was vital to being able to do her intake. By faith we proceeded with the plan to enroll her and the paperwork was miraculously delivered as she was enrolled. God has been so good and we give Him due praise!! We also are cognizant of the fact that God has used YOU to help provide and we cannot thank you enough for sharing in this vision of bringing hope and healing to teen girls!

As 2019 approaches, excitement and hope is in the air of filling two of the apartments. Word is spreading of the opening, and we get weekly calls asking about our program. We would like to invite you to share in God’s work taking place at Pearl of Grace Ranch through monthly support, sponsorships, or volunteer opportunities. Pray with us that God will send the provisions needed and the girls that will benefit from the program that is offered.

May you and yours have a blessed Christmas as you celebrate this season of God’s love and giving!